Your Favorite Pipe and a Good Cup of Coffee

Fat Puppy Coffee Roasters- smoking a pipe

We are excited to announce that you can now purchase one pound bags of fresh roasted Fat Puppy Coffee at Wingenroth Pipe Shop in downtown Lebanon, Pennsylvania. The shop has been open since 1964 and Mel Hemperly is the third and current owner. Mel carries about 300 different pipe tobaccos from countries including Italy, Denmark, Germany, England, Ireland, Scotland, and the United States. He also has between 200 and 300 pipes to choose from, and all the necessary accessories. The shop boasts a sizable walk-in humidor packed with fine cigars too.

I have been told that nothing is better than sitting under a shade tree with your favorite pipe, and a good cup of coffee. While we do not have any big shade trees in our yard, we do have a covered porch, and I have been seen sitting there, enjoying a cup of coffee, or a pint of beer, and the occasional cigar. Like coffee, the aroma of pipe smoke draws you in. The sweet smell can take you back to another place, another time. I can remember as a boy, my neighbor out mowing his lawn. After a few passes up and down the yard, he would stop, dig out his pipe, pack it with tobacco, stand there, and smoke. Once finished, he would carefully put it away and continue on with his chore.

Enjoying a good cup of coffee has much in common with smoking a good pipe. Care is required when preparing both pleasures. A measured amount of coffee and tobacco are required. An improper grind of coffee can have an adverse affect on the taste just as packing the pipe bowl too tight can affect draw. While brewing coffee, water temperature is important as is the pipe lighting technique. You may think that these steps are too much work, too much effort, but I disagree.  In our fast passed world, these rituals help us to slow down, focus, and actually relax. Tomorrow, get up a little earlier, make yourself a pot of coffee, and relax before you head out into the world.


For a great Pipe Smoking Primer, head on over to The Art of Manliness web site.

Featured image provided by Nathan Lewis.

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