Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Fat Puppy Coffee Roasters is quite simple.  Find the best specialty grade coffees from around the world, roast them in such a way as to bring out their unique flavors, and share the fresh roasted coffee with our customers; our friends.

To us, the best coffees are “single-origin” in nature.  These coffees come from a single growing region, farm, or Co-Op and hold unique characteristics from the places they represent.  Single-origin coffees are a lot like our beloved friends. Some are bold and strong while others are sweet and delicate.  Some are smooth and complex and yet others are bright and spicy.  And I bet that all of us have at least one friend who is a little nutty!  It is our goal to carefully roast these coffees in order to bring out their personalities.  We want you to taste their personalities, not the roast.

We hope that you will find our coffees to be like your friends.  Maybe even “Man’s best friend in a cup.”

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